30 Day Challenge…10 Random Facts…

So I’ve realized that I don’t have a very exciting life. Sad, but true, so I’ve decided to start a 30 day blog challenge. I’m going to start the first day by listing 10 random facts about myself.

1) I rarely ever have thoughts in my head. I count begin to tell you how many times a friend or family member have told me to ‘spit out what I’m thinking’ and I don’t know if it was my facial expression or the way I tilted my head, but I’m honestly NOT thinking about anything. My mind is blank. I guess I could describe it as white noise.

2) I say ‘I love’ something (not a person, but an object, e.g. a song) about fifty times a day.cI don’t know why, I guess it’s because I don’t have the words to say ‘love’ instead. I’m very ashamed of my vocabulary, but I’m 19. I figure I have a while to go before I’m truly shamed with my bad English.

3) I LOVE (see, I used it again) musicals. I would say that musicals are my ‘guilty pleasures’ but I’m not ashamed of my love (again) for them. It doesn’t even matter what sub-genre of musical they are, I LOVE them. My favorites include: Dirty Dancing, Les Miserables (I can’t wait to see the new one! I’ve seen almost all of the film/play editions), Moulin Rouge, The Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton is a genius!), The Muppets (all of them…), Labyrinth (wasn’t it amazing?), Phantom of the Opera, and more recent, Burlesque, and yes, even Mama Mia. There are others I like…Hairspray (don’t judge me) is great in the fact that I support the issues it raises (racial equality and body image). I like Sweeney Todd mostly because of Johnny Depp’s role as the ‘demon barber.’ Nine is good too if you are interested in long movies that progress at a slower rate. Oh boy, if I continue any longer, this post will consist of nothing but a ton of musicals that I’ve seen and like/love and I’ve seen a ton of them! Instead of rambling on like I have, I’ll move on to the next fact…

4) I can’t believe I’m only on #4… I have a short attention span. It doesn’t get any better (in fact it gets worse) when I’m with my bestfirend! I love her more than anything, but it’s gotten so bad that she’s a ‘gold fish’ and I’m a ‘squirrel.’ Now that I think about it, do squirrels actually have a short attention span? I’ll have to ask one sometime… *looks away* SHINY!

5) I say I like being alone, but in reality it’s what I’m most afraid of. For the sake of my sanity I’m not going to over analyze this.

6) Good thing I put that as #5 bercause #6 is that I over analyze things. There’s nothing worse than doing this when you’re in a relationship. It leads to a ton of misunderstandings. It’s a horrible trait to have. This is mostly why my math skills aren’t on par with most people, or maybe it’s the fact that I just don’t get it. Ugh. Math just makes my head hurt.

7) I’m terribly afriad (more like deathly) of public speaking. Even in the most casual of settings, I’m a mess if I have to be give a speech (sad thing is, it doesn’t even have to be a speech). Some people don’t understand what it’s like. They’ll say it’s ‘fine’ or ‘it’ll be over quickly’ but the truth is, it doesn’t. When I know I have to give a speech, or whatever, days before the ‘speech’ is full of anxiety and it only gets worse as the date approaches. The day of is insane. I wake up having almost flu like symptoms (e.g. clamy hands, upset stomach, fever, sometimes chills, etc.). That’s just me getting up. The hour before is kind of like blacking out, but not quite… I remeber once I passed out. Another time I…well, never mind. After I actually give the ‘speech’ I’m shaking all over, I can’t see straight, and I’m almost lethargic. A few days after that, I’m completely exhausted both physically and mentally.

8) I’m always doubting how people view me. I understand why I always have this heavy feeling of doubt (low self-esteem is an evil thing). There’s a point where (and I hope this never happens to anyone) your self-esteem gets so low you are afraid to do anything and you fear the people you love. You doubt everyone whether they are telling you how much you mean to them, what they like about you, that you have changed them (and you think they’re insane because you can’t grasp the concept of you changing someone when you can’t even change how you feel about yourself). It really sucks if they say something out of anger or frustration and you take it to heart because you feel like that’s what they really feel about you because that’s how you feel about yourself.

9) I like a ton of Italian food. My friend insists it’s because I’m part Italian, but I’m pretty sure that’s not it.

10) I love the 1800’s and I would love to live in that time (even if I was poor and had to be a barmaid). My obsession runs so deep with this time period that I’ve read many works of literature (for enjoyment) and I watch movies/plays that take place during the 1800’s (the Jane Austin movies that BBC make are, in my opinion, delightful).

These are 10 random facts about myself. Thanks for reading. Please tell me what you think!



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