How Much Is It Too Much?

When I was little, I wasn’t the most active child (due to my own stubbornness, lack of playmates, etc.). I really regret the choices I made back then, but now that I’m much, much, much more active, I’m not as clumsy. I’m not sure how you feel about the fact that I’ve associated physical activity with clumsiness, but I did, because for me, that’s one of the reasons I was so clumsy. I was wobbly on my legs (some people call it sea legs, I think…maybe not?). The reason why I’ve started this post is because it’s day 3 of my 30 day blogging challenge and the question being posed is: what is the greatest amount of physical pain you have ever endured? Well it’s kind of hard to answer this because I’ve gotten hurt a ton of times. As a child I would constantly fall over, trip, or crash head first into some random object that just appeared at random. So you can only imagine what I’ve been through.

The worst physical pain I’ve ever been in would have to be when I broke my knee. Even that didn’t really hurt (not that I remember, it’s been a long while since then)… It’s funny how many things you forget as you age (or I could just have a very bad memory, who knows?). I can understand if I do have a bad memory, just ask my mother. Both of my parents, mainly my mother, has issues with remembering something (it’s even more of a coincidence that it usually has something to do with what I say). I’m pretty sure she blocks me out most of the time…sadly I can understand that too (I’ve said many off the wall things in my younger…as well as my present years of life)…oh dear! There isn’t really anything else I remember being really painful (besides the occasional torture that comes from wearing no socks with tennis shoes).

There was one time when I was in kindergarten, during recess, that I climbed on top of a slide (one of the corkscrew ones) got pushed off by a classmate, fell into a bed off wood chips (why would you put wood chips around a slide I don’t why…in my opinion, sand would have been better) and by chance, one of these chips happened to be sticking up rather than laying flat on the ground. You can imagine where I’m going with this right? This little wood chip (which later on became my nemesis) took a chunk of skin (an inch or so deep) out of my leg right below my knee (I still have a scar there!) But even that wasn’t that bad, granted the amount of blood pouring down my leg was kind of misleading since there was so much… I think it’s rather amusing now because I don’t recall an excess of pain, just surprise and maybe a little shock.  Over the years I’ve built a high tolerance for pain.

The only thing I can say for certain is that one thing does really pain me now. Cramps…go figure! You can be as strong as an ox but you’ll still be brought down by nature, funny stuff… Maybe I should have posted about that. Wouldn’t that have been one heck of a post?

Cramps: Women’s Worst Enemy!

More aggravating then men and so NOT worth the trouble and pain. Thanks Mother Nature, we appreciate the love. Don’t you ever wonder (this is mainly for women, men, I’ll get to you in a second) what men would be like if they were visited by the ‘evil cloud’ once, or even twice a month? Now that would be terrifying (insert horrified face here). Now that would be painful to watch and listen to! I would like to see the look on their face the moment the first cramps hit. Priceless. So guys it’s your turn, what kind of physical pain do you go through that women don’t? How do you think we would react?



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