Did Somebody Say Passions?

Through out my life, there really hasn’t been anything that I really wanted (that wasn’t a material object). But I’ve begun to notice a change in myself, I’m starting to really think about things that are happening in the world (maybe my youth has clouded my eyes to it, or maybe I was just too tired of dealing with what was happening in my own life to notice what was going on beyond the walls of home and school, maybe it isn’t even that. I have a hard time with coming up with reasons for my ‘close-mindedness’ in this area). I never really paid attention to the news because I already knew what the topics were going to consist of (rape, murder, robbery, etc.) so I didn’t really see the importance of it. That was my mind frame until my junior year of high school. After that I started paying more attention to the news (I’m not going to say I watch it all the time, I mean come on, who has time for that? But I do watch occasionally enough to know what’s going on in the world).

There are things happening that I’ve watched happen over the short years of my life. War is one of the reoccurring topics that have been highlighted. I’m not saying that war is inevitable, because it’s not. As long as there are people with different feelings and opinions about something, you’ll always have war (sad, but true). Another is the government and all their problems. Why can’t they all just try to get along for the sake of the people that live here instead of worrying about themselves? I understand everyone wants what’s best for everyone (or maybe not) but it doesn’t make sense to throw tantrums and attack each other because your ideals are different. I don’t think they understand (even if you or them say they do) that they’re working for US, not them, but US, the little people (we’re the ones suffering because of their clashes, not them, not in the long run). I’m done with my little rant, thanks for your patience. If you’re still sticking around for the rest of my post, as I’m sure you will (hopefully), I have to say that I’m becoming more thoughtful about these kinds of subjects (not always a good thing, sometimes it only adds to fuel to the fire, and that’s when ignorance shines bright).

What all of this is leading to, is what I’m passionate about (did I surprise you?). I wish I could say I’m passionate about politics, but I’m not very knowledgeable about them so I’m just staying away from them for the time being. There’s nothing worse than preaching about a topic you’re completely ignorant in. But who knows, maybe in a few years I’ll be prepared for that conversation. For my 30 day challenge I’m supposed to talk about three passions I have, and I’ve been thinking of this for a long time. What am I passionate about? I have an idea about what I’m passionate about.

1) Writing, I love writing! I could talk to someone for hours on end about writing. It doesn’t matter what style, what genre, the length or shortness, I love talking about them all. It might sound strange, but I even love talking about the thought process that goes into writing, sometimes it’s the most fascinating part of writing.This leads me to my second passion(?).

2) Psychology (most people don’t like talking about psychology for hours). I wasn’t always interested in everything that dealt with psychology. I was mostly interested in how people thought, why they did the things they do, and why the emotions they felt were so strong (this as a child, scary). But now that I’m taking psychology, for the second time (once in high school and now in college) I love it! I’m completely fascinated by the human mind! It’s always interesting to see what people do when they feel/think/act a certain way. This is what I’ve chosen to do with my life (becoming a psychologist that is—). I want to help people through their problems, and I want to further my knowledge (and feed my curiosity) about the mind, what it does, why certain chemical reactions cause certain illnesses, and how, after a certain amount of time, it can ultimately destroy you if there’s something wrong (e.g. alzheimer’s).

3) Another passion I have has to deal with the mystical (which should probably be number one). I love the supernatural fiction and non-fiction. I love tarot cards, divination, and fortune telling. I know there are a ton of people that don’t believe in it and that’s fine, I’m not here to tell you what to believe in, but I hope it doesn’t change/effect your opinion of anyone who does. I think it’s another fascinating topic that we’ll probably never know everything about (like the human brain, something gets discovered everyday, but we still haven’t come close to discovering everything). My obsession (this has to be the right word since I’ve been so enthralled by it since I was a child listening to my mother tell me stories of her aunt that had psychic abilities). I was so jealous of my sister, because like my mom, they could both accurately read and predict what would happen to someone when they read tarot cards. When I started reading them (sometime around 17) I did predict a few things, but it wasn’t as good as my mother and sister’s readings. Everything is just so interesting about the supernatural/mystical/paranormal, whatever you want to label it (when I say this, I’m not talking about anything that’s associated with evil or dark energy. I’m just talking about the good parts, if you don’t believe that there’s any good to the supernatural/mystical/paranormal, then bully for you).

Besides that I’m not really sure what else I’m passionate about. I want to say I’m passionate about women’s rights, but that would make me sound like a feminist, right? I’m not. I think everyone should be equal no matter their age, gender, sex, race, sexuality, etc. I’m kind of glad that I really only have three passions, I think it would be kind of a hassle to have more than that. How could you pursue all of them? It’s possible if you do it over the length of your entire life, but what if one of your passions just faded? Does that happen with age? Do your passions die? Are they then replaced with another one? It seems like a never ending cycle to me. What do you think? Is it sad that I have so few passions? What passions do you have? How or when do you go after them?



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